Hello Queens,

My name is Rashanda Crisp I was born and raised in Southern California. I am the owner and creative designer of Gracious Tees Apparel, the Queen's Soiree and Author. I would like to introduce my inspirational boutique of Women's Apparel that promotes self-love and knowledge of self-worth. I began designing women's apparel in 2016 during a time when I was in search of my purpose and had to be reminded my worth. As I began to accept my life experiences as lessons, I felt the need for them to be shared with the purpose of uplifting and advocating for all women! Fashion plays a significant role in the daily lives of women which is why I chose to establish Gracious Tees apparel as a way to impact how we view ourselves. My brand represents the greatness in all of us! I take pride in Embracing the true definition of who we really are and how important it is to Know your worth. My Logo of a Gracious Queen of faith displays the faith, class and grace we all carry within us. Empowering women is a necessity, Gracious Tees apparel is not a fashion statement, it is a movement to inspire all women to have confidence in themselves while loving every part of ourselves. Gracious Tees represents a stylish, classy way to embody our worth as the Queen we were created to be.

The best word to describe a Woman
Kind; Compassionate, Characterized by taste and class!